5 things to do this November

happy November! i think it’s safe to say the holidays are now in full-swing and the mad dash to the end of the year has begun. no matter how busy your schedule looks this month, don’t forget to make room for these five things in your calendar.

  1. vote!!

first and foremost, most importantly.. clear your calendars and please, please vote on November 6th! consider it non-negotiable :) every election is important, and this year is no different. regardless of who you vote for, just do it. 

2. spend time outside.

give your immune system a boost and get some fresh air! consider yourself lucky if you live in a place where the seasons actually change (talking to you, boston residents!). but even if you live somewhere warmer, like california, where we don’t really experience much of a change when november rolls around, take advantage of the still-gorgeous weather and get outside. go for a walk, watch the sunset, or take your coffee date to the patio. try to see if you can get outside for fifteen minutes a day and i promise you’ll notice a difference.

3. be a little selfish..

with the holidays just around the corner, things can get a little overwhelming! spend an evening in or treat yourself to a new candle + good book. press pause before all of the holiday parties and festivities begin, and give yourself a few hours to reset.

4. have a go in the kitchen.

even if you are the worst cook ever like me (seriously, my mom says it’s “painful” to watch me in the kitchen, ouch), find a recipe you’ve been dying to try, or help out a friend/ family member with a tried-and-true classic. my friend morgan introduced me to these pumpkin chocolate chip muffins a few years ago, and they are constantly in my kitchen every fall. even if you don’t like pumpkin, give them a try. i don’t either, and i was surprised at how yummy they are - the pumpkin taste is not overpowering at all. i’ll also be attempting to make an apple pie - last year i bought one from the store, put it on a nice napkin, and tried to call it mine, so maybe this is what growing up looks like. for those of you who are still on the switch-and-shock method, use a dutch crumb as opposed to a woven pie top - it’s more believable. haha.

5. give thanks (more than once!)

obviously thanksgiving is the main event of november, but don’t limit your gratitude to just one day. i’ve made it a habit in recent years to reach out to those closet to me and thanking them for making a difference to me, and i try to also reach out to someone semi-unexpected that has impacted my life (like a high school teacher). basically, november is the month of thanks, so embrace it. sounds cheesy, but tis the season, right? 


and a few things you can expect to see on my blog this month?

a few more travel posts, my thoughts on Black Friday and the craziness of holiday shopping, and what a day in my shoes looks like. what plans do you have for this month?