adventures in Annapolis


hi! these photos are from last weekend when we were in Annapolis.

i have been to quite a few universities (give or take the one time i refused to get out of the car because “there was too much concrete” 🤦🏻‍♀️) and i have to say the Naval Academy is second to NONE.

the way in which the midshipmen conduct themselves is so admirable and you can’t walk around without thinking about how accomplished and disciplined everyone is. just look at their daily schedule and you’ll see what i mean.

my dad was a gymnast so we got to visit the current team at practice - i honestly tried to not make a lot of eye contact because when i tumbled (manyyyy years ago) i used to hate visitors at practice cause i would always mess up more. so i didn’t actually watch too much but what a talented bunch. i mean the entire campus just screams talent. but more importantly.. the hard work to back it up.

we also went to the game + tailgate as part of the reunion festivities. the entire school gets in formation at the start of the game, so it is more customary for them to tailgate after the game, but the regular people tailgate before.

lastly (although these photos come first in the blog post 🤷🏻‍♀️), the town of annapolis is so pretty! i loved seeing all of the houses decorated for fall (especially the go navy pumpkins!) and if you ever visit, you must stop by Old Fox books!

not gonna lie, i have no food recommendations because there was a Chipotle at the mall. and sometimes you need to eat at a chain to combat homesickness, ya know?

thank you for reading 💙


class of 2022 || class of 1968


so while we were watching formation, this little kid just could not stop hugging his grandpa, who is a Naval Academy graduate.. it was the sweetest thing ever.


the bronze + marble sarcophagus of John Paul Jones, located underneath the Naval Academy Chapel


navy played houston, hence the clever sign. sad to say they ended up losing though :(


during a break in the game (not at halftime), they recognized a few Naval Academy graduates, one of whom was John McCain. after they said his name, the sunset started to glow like crazy. literally lit up with the craziest glow. the sun had been setting for a while, but not like that.