feeling like fall


hi hope you guys are having a good week!

currently writing this in DC, but I shot these photos last week when it was starting to finally feel like fall in san diego – it even rained! ha of course now it is forecasted to be 90 tomorrow so it was nice while it lasted I guess 😕 its in the 60s in DC so at least I’m getting my cool weather fix while i’m here.

one funny thing about this outfit is that when I was in a local store i got asked where i was visiting from.. which was just strange because i wasn’t dressed up or anything out of the ordinary. even when i am traveling or in boston or even yesterday, i am asked for directions – so I don’t usually get the “where are you from” question. i didn’t even have a clever or funny response because i was so thrown off.

ok honestly struggling to figure out what to even write cause my brain is a light mush* from all of the sightseeing and exploring and all of that. which is a not-bad problem to have. i just hope that i am forming complete-ish sentences..

ha thank you for reading 💛

*also light mush implies that my brain isn’t full-on mush. like taking the SATs gives you complete mush; i’m at maybe a 3. haha it is very scientific.