day in my shoes: LA randomness

hi guys! today’s post is all about following me around in a day in my shoes. this day is a little different from normal because i’m not often in LA! but i would rather document and share that than a day where i don’t leave the house ha. and for those of you wondering, “does she really change her shoes that often?” sometimes.. yes! i will be the first to admit that i have a lot (too many) shoes, so i try to make use of them rather than let them sit around and collect dust.


8 AM

while i would love to be that person who sits at a picture perfect brunch, i am just.. not really that girl (at least often, anyway). i don’t really like breakfast foods to be honest! however, i still like to get an early start to the day - waking up early is definitely an acquired skill! i paired an old pair of nike roshes with leggings, this hoodie, and this little card holder.

side note: obsessing over this card holder that’s on sale for less than $20 - the stars are so cuteee


11 AM

next up, a quick trip to the museum of death - yes, it’s a thing haha. i’ve been to this museum before, but i went with a friend, so i wanted to go back and really read everything and wander on my own. it is not as spooky as it sounds, and genuinely is informative. plus, both times i have been there has been the most eclectic group of people in at the same time as me. the man working the front desk recognized me as having been in before which was just.. 🙈


2 PM

walked out of the museum and realized that the weather was absolutely amazing out so i had to take a little detour.. i’m appreciating california’s weather a little extra after so much time on the east coast the past few months 💛

and this book was SO good. seriously - read it, then email me.


6:30 PM

i would never, ever describe myself as a foodie at all. i am the pickiest eater ever and i don’t usually like to go out on a limb and try somewhere new, although i am getting better at it! some of my favorite places to eat in LA are Crossroads on Melrose, Tocaya in Venice, Superba in Venice, and Katsuya on on Hollywood. i LOVE Erin McKenna’s bakery for cookies. and Diddy Riese is a classic, too.

shop my booties // similar bag (same brand but not velvet)


10 PM

and.. goodnight! thank you so much for checking out today’s post and following me around..


what does a day in your shoes look like?

and because this post is from my recent trip to LA, i couldn’t not mention the fires currently going on in LA county (and Ventura County and Butte County, too) - they are absolutely devastating and so many people have lost their homes, been displaced, and affected.

you can donate + make a difference here: