happy thanksgiving!


happy thanksgiving!

i hope you are enjoying the day with your loved ones, and that you are not working retail today (such a bummer 🙁).

thank you for all of the support you have shown me on my blog the past few months - it has been unbelievable and so unexpected. i am so appreciative for all of you ♥️


and since i consider us to be friends.. i thought i would share two things with you:

(1) i don’t really like thanksgiving food.

blame the high school anatomy project that had me “dissect” a raw turkey (?!!), or the fact that you wait all day for one main meal (my blood sugar cannot handle it).. but i just don’t love most of the food. i have definitely gotten chipotle the day before and re-heated it on thanksgiving. no shame.

(2) one time in college..

this is probably one of my favorite stories ever. in my junior year of college, my roommates and i were talking about thanksgiving food and one of my roommates disclosed that she doesn’t like pumpkin pie. i think she said that they don’t even serve it at their table. then when she was asked why she doesn’t like pumpkin pie, she told us that she had an elevated palette. she said it so matter of factly that at first turned into a heated discussion as to why pumpkin pie is so subpar.. and then it became the funniest thing ever and turned into a running joke that which hasn’t gotten old. my apologizes to all of you who enjoy pumpkin pie and, as a result, do not have an elevated palette. maybe one day we will acquire better taste 😉 haha


and of course.. always going to be grateful for dresses with pockets 😊

(among many other way more more important things)