stars and fall sweaters


happy Thursday! hope you are all having a good week :) today i’m sharing an outfit I wore a few weeks ago while we were on the east coast.

i absolutely lovedddd this teal sweater! i bought it the day before we left and wasn’t sure if it would wear well since it was a cheaper purchase and i usually have to invest in sweaters because you know.. itchiness haha

i found it in the BP section of Nordstrom - the shade of teal was so pretty that i couldn’t pass it up. and i’m happy to say that it wore well! there is some polyester in the blend, but you can’t tell too much. i loved it so much that i’m ordering it in yellow, too.

because of how much walking we were doing, i paired it with simple vans and jeans. we got super lucky with the weather - there was a crisp fall breeze, but it wasn’t so cold that we needed to wear a coat every day we were there. i highly recommend traveling in October if you can! it makes all the difference between walking around enjoying the sights and sweating your face off trying to find an uncrowded space to sit or eat.

and i must say.. the stars on the wall behind me totally reminded me of DC and patriotism but i actually took these in Annapolis - somewhere on Main Street.

i think the east coast (especially as you go north towards new england) is just a lot more patriotic than southern california, which is a bummer. i love seeing all of the flags everywhere and wish it was more prevalent over here! and i definitely wouldn’t be mad if we had more front stoops to decorate..

hope you have a good weekend 💛


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