5 lessons i've learned from blogging


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hi! hope you are having a good day :)

i cannot believe it’s already december!! this year has absolutely flown by. anyone else excited for the new year?

so when i was visiting family last week, i kept getting asked about my little blogging project and what i’ve learned from it. my main reaction was to say “a lot,” but i kept thinking about it later on and trying to formulate a better answer.

because while “a lot” is an accurate answer, there is definitely more to it.

in today’s post, i want to identify some of the things that i’ve learned or discovered in the past few months.

“so, what have you learned from blogging?”

i’ve learned..


1. seek it out.

whatever it is you want (in work, in life, or just in an outfit..), you have to seek it out. adventure is not going to find you on your couch, and your dream job definitely won’t knock on your door when you’re entrenched in a “settled” mindset. one sentiment i hear from friends a lot is criticism, or even just curiosity, at how some bloggers make their lives look so picture-perfect. while there is definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to what you see on social media, the reason it looks like they are having so much fun is because most of them are - they’re consistently showing up and making the effort to do so. and while there’s a kind of weird question that comes up as to whether people are just seeking out content to publish or the actual experience itself, for me, it’s the adventure that wins every time. life is what you make it, and once you get into the habit of making plans and being deliberate with how you spend your time, you’ll never be the same.


2. a nice assortment of technologies

squarespace web design? check. google analytics + SEO? double check. a little bit of coding? that one is a work in progress, but i can’t forget my favorite.. photography and editing. i’ve dipped my hands into quite a few different paint pots since i started this project and it’s been so fun. through creating a website and developing content on a consistent basis, i’ve developed my skills enough to actively make changes as i go - there’s no one else to call and ask to do it for me.

as great as it is to see a new feature go live on my site, what i’m most proud of is the fact that i’m teachable. being eager to learn about different programs, making the time and committing to learning them, and then working through obstacles is a skill that will help me later in life. i’ve always promised to never lose my sense of curiosity, and now i know i’ve developed habits to protect that promise. it’s one thing to pass a test or final; it’s another to carry with you the eagerness to learn new things.


3. resourcefulness

as i’ve mentioned before, this website is entirely DIY-ed and run by me. i have spent a lot less money on my website than others have, and maybe that shows to some. but the reason i’ve done it this way is because part of what i wanted to get out of this project is the ability to be resourceful. things are not as unattainable as they seem. you can’t buy success, and you definitely can’t buy a sense of accomplishment.

i was always super intimidated by the idea of bootstrapping when i learned about it in my business classes, but now that i have put myself in the position, i’ve seen a completely different side to it that makes me appreciate it. i’m not afraid to ask someone how they did something, or spend time searching for answers so that i can create the custom code i need in order to tweak my site a certain way, or add a different vignette to my photos. it takes patience, yes, but you can’t always throw money at a problem, and the most expensive option isn’t always the best fit.


4. flexibility and discipline

these may seem like opposites, but marry them together and you have the perfect storm. sometimes plans get pushed back, or you end up re-arranging your content calendar for the fourth time to include a specific post.. no matter what, things come up. i’ve learned to be flexible, while also developing a level of discipline and laser focus to get things done with enough time and space for those unforeseen moments to happen without getting flustered, or worse, discouraged.


5. communication

everyone who knows me personally knows that i love to talk (ha), but jumping into this whole blogging experience, i wasn’t always sure what to make of it, and i hesitated when it came to actually writing things down and talking on a public platform.

as much as you try to put yourself in your readers’ shoes, you don’t know what they’re taking away form your posts, or how it’s affecting their perception of you. over time, you learn what works and what doesn’t, and adapt your content to meet expectations.

my blog has always been more than clothes - i try really hard to infuse positive energy into my posts, and i don’t want to just throw affiliate links at you left, right, and center in hopes of making a quick dollar. to me, content is disingenuous when it lacks purpose - both for the writer and the reader. and while i’ve touched on why i don’t capitalize my words on my blog consistently, i do actually know how to use the shift key, and i do use it when necessary :)

also, learning to communicate as a content creator with brands has been a whole new world and something that i am still dipping my toes in. but learning how to recognize your role, which changes based on who you are talking to, and communicating with different groups who have different objectives and priorities is a versatile trait that can be used over and over again.

so, friends, aunts, uncles, family-friend-whose-name-i-can’t-remember (sorry), potential employers, and little cousins alike.. this is what i’ve learned from blogging. it’s a lot less materialistic than it seems, and perhaps less polished or pretty than what you see, but it’s purposeful. this little side project has taught me more than some of the classes i took in school, and the lessons will definitely last longer than any i learned from those $300+ textbooks.

that’s all for now. time to go back to taking pictures of my shoes..

haha but really, thank you for reading ♥️ i mean it.

ps - there is also a little FAQ on my site now! check it out here.