pretty plaid scarf


hi happy saturday! hope you have all had a good week :)

things have been busy but slow at the same time.. we had two rainy days this week where it actually rained most of the day. i think everything kind of comes to a halt when it rains in california. that may sound dramatic, but with all of the flooding and mudslides that go on it really is a situation.

it also feels like forever since my family got back from our DC trip even though it’s really only been a few weeks. kind of dying to go to vegas soon - my mom and i usually go every november right after thanksgiving; it’s the perfect time to go. or tahoe.

we were also talking about eventually going to the George HW Bush Presidential Library in Texas - so sad he is gone :( yes he is with Mrs. Barbara now but between him and John McCain both passing recently it is just ugly cry season over here. they lived such honorable lives that impacted so many that not only is it inspiring to do better, but it now feels stupid to even mention my outfit.

but since most of you come here for that here we go:

my scarf is from Urban Outfitters and is currently sold out but is available in other colors here. this one is the same style and color way, and i also love this one, especially since it’s less than $10.

everything else is just basics that you probably have in your closet, but i will link my long sleeve because it’s the perfectttt loose fit thermal ever. already bought it in white and i still want them to make it in more colors.

that’s about it :) hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend x

ps - more fun posts coming this month i promise.. at least i think so ha