puppy love


everybody say hi to ruby and charlie :) aka my kids. they are the most precious pups on the planet. they are technically dogs at this point (they were born march 2016 - i can't believe they are gonna be two) but they are always going to be little babies to me.

we rescued them may 22 2016 and they were tinyyyyyy. i think we got them a few weeks shy of when dogs are usually adopted but they were rescues so it happens i guess. but they were just so tiny it was unreal. hence the dollar being used for scale reference..


they are both chihuahua mixes. my cousin pointed out to me that charlie is prob part papillon since he has a fluffy tail. and then, ok i might sound crazy here but i firmly believe ruby is part pitbull. she is all muscle and definitely has more aggressive tendencies and she looks like a mini pit to me. everybody does that “heh you’re funny” smirk to me when i say that but then they meet her and agree with me.


ruby’s full name is Ruby Darling and my mom named her. she is probably more diva than darling.. you literally cannot bother her when she is sleeping or else she is not happy with you!

we struggled a bit more on charlie’s name.. we were thinking Rocky or Arlo but just couldn't commit. he really is the sweetest, happiest dog so we wanted the name to reflect that. because have you met a cuter puppy? no you haven't.


so we still hadn’t decided and it had been days.. until one time we were playing and he looked up with crazy hair and i said he looked like charlie manson.. and it stuck. so bad, know. i am into the darker things and it’s kinda a shameful name story but he is the sweetest little dog so it’s ok.. right?


i am 100% wrapped around their fingers and they pretty much get what they want, whenever they want it. i have gone outside and held an umbrella over ruby when it rains cause she doesn’t like to get wet. and i will stop everything to pick up charlie and give him attention.

i have even canceled plans cause i didn’t want to leave them 🙃 no shame.


ps that's a photo of max, my cat. he is cute and photogenic but i don’t wanna post a whole blog about him and be “that” person hahah. but..

  1. his full name is Max Everett Ryan Norris. we change up nicknames all the time. i have been calling him him Mr. Mew Mew (like Miu Miu the designer) as of late.
  2. max is gonna be 10 next year.
  3. i hate when anyone calls him fat or overweight or anything of the like. cause he’s nottttttt! 
  4. however my mom once measured around his tummy when he was laying down and it was 26” (she measured 3 times so yeah it’s 26 inches).
  5. he is buds with ruby and charlie and will snuggle them.
  6. clearly he loves halloween costumes :) ha cutest cowboy i ever did see.

anyways ruby and charlie say thank you for stopping by :)