sackcloth + ashes


today’s post is a little different. as much as i like scrolling through people’s outfit posts on instagram or reading their blogs, i never wanted to do it myself unless i acknowledged the bigger picture - that as fun as clothes are, it isn’t what really matters long-term. there are bigger problems and more important matters than what brand your jeans are. 

full disclosure: i 100% see the argument that you should just donate directly to a charity rather than through shopping. and it’s important to give without expecting or wanting anything in return. but every little bit counts. I think there’s room for everything. so this category “spread love” is going to incorporate charities, stores, or items where you can do some good and support something special. 

today is the first one :) it’s all about blanket brand named sackcloth & ashes that helps to support homeless people. i learned about them from taylor - she brought this blanket along when we were taking a few photos at sunset cliffs. she also took all of the pictures of me on this post :)

fun fact - we took these and then a few days later a chunk of sunset cliffs collapsed and it made the news. so nuts. 

anyways this company donates a blanket to your local homeless shelter when you buy one. they are really transparent about it and you can find out the exact shelter too. I love this.

the blanket pictured is the “arrow maroon” one, and it’s taylor’s. i bought one too but you will have to wait and see.. prob gonna bring it on a trip in April :) 

here’s a hint - it was made in mexico :) 

check out all of the products offered here and use code “takeoff10” for 10% off.. ps that code comes up to anyone when they open the website, i am not some fancy person who has a code or makes money off anything like that.. obviously :)

photos by taylor :) xx