after the storm


hi from this morning’s beach trip. we decided to go after all the rain we have had the past week. i thought that this post would be about how pretty i think the ocean is when it’s overcast and mostly empty. and how my sweater is from UNIF and that even if we didn’t see a rainbow after all the rain that my sweater would fill its place. light hearted kind of things.

but of course life doesn’t go according to plan, right?  instead, i was hanging out with my mom and we were talking about how deep blue the ocean was. we were debating whether or not her rain boots had a hole in them, and how that would suck if her foot got flooded with water. just simple stuff. then in the distance we saw someone swimming, and we thought it was way too cold for anyone to be swimming - it was 54F outside so god knows how cold the water was.

we look over again and realized that a person being pulled out of the water who was also having trouble breathing. i’m not going to go into any details because this post shouldn’t give a play-by-play on what happened. i’m not looking to exploit anything - things are private, things are personal and i’m always going to be protective over that. 

i don’t know if there is even a true point in explaining what really happened, if not just to say that here are a few things i realized / remembered:

  • my mom is probably the most compassionate person ever.

  • trust your instincts.

  • sometimes things happen for no reason at all, and sometimes things happen exactly as and when they should.

  • i am so grateful. for everything.

so yes, even though it is so cheesy.. after every storm comes a rainstorm. no promises on how big or bright.. but i’d like to think it’s there.

and lastly, here’s to Chief Petty Officer Adam Brown (1974-2010)