amour vert


hiiii! wednesday already? nuts. 

so i usually have the worst luck with buying plain tees.. they are usually too see through, stretch out after you wear it once, or they die in the washing machine. i am totally obnoxious for saying this but it can literally make me so grumpy. 

but i saw this company that sells sustainable tees on instagram a few weeks ago and decided to try one out and let me say.. i am a happy human. the company is amour vert which if you are fancy means “green love” in french. what caught my eye more than anything is that they use responsible materials for everything they make. they have a have a zero-waste philosophy.

i went to school at ucsb where it is allll about going green, being sustainable, and staying aware of your global footprint. it really opened my eyes to how fashion can be a disposable industry since trends cycle in and out quickly, and how “fast fashion” might be cheaper and convenient but their stuff is lower quality and usually put to waste pretty quickly - thank you professors foran and robinson for telling me what’s what.

so needless to say i was excited to try amour vert and.. i was not disappointed! this casey tee is super soft and comfy and is gonna hold up for a long time :) already went back and ordered four more.

ps they also plant a tree alongside American Forests for every t-shirt bought :) they have already planted over 150,000.. which is just the coolest thing ever.

pss my mom took these pictures so in case anyone was trying to de-throne her of the "coolest mom ever" title.. try again later (never).