california love


one thing i have been thinking about lately is how long natural disasters really last. it seems like we get 24-hour news coverage right after the fact and then it just suddenly stops when there is the next big event. like it took years to rebuild after hurricane katrina - but there isn’t the same level of focus on that as there is on the immediate shock and awe of the disaster. is that because of what makes “good” (compelling) news or do people just have a shortened attention span for these worldly events that don’t really affect their daily life? i don’t know. but it’s something i think about, especially having a blog that usually focuses on clothes or fun activities, cause there’s so much more to life than the trivial stuff, and i just want to acknowledge the other side.

so last year there was hurricane harvey, irma.. and all the california fires that just seemed like they would not stop. it was everywhere on the news and then it kind of just stopped, but the people affected are still dealing with it every day. i'm in california, so the fires are what affected the people i know the most.

one of the fires got close to our house, but we never received a formal evacuation alert. sorry for the bad quality.. i took this on my phone.

one of the fires got close to our house, but we never received a formal evacuation alert. sorry for the bad quality.. i took this on my phone.

when the fires were still happening, i remember thinking why did school not teach me what to bring during evacuations?? we learned stop drop and roll but nothing about evacuation prep or things like that. am i the only one who is surprised about that, or was i just absent that day? maybe but i think we should have all learned evacuation protocols and what to bring or have ready to go.

i ended up googling it a few days later when everything was all clear and now i have a box ready.. aside from all the paperwork and important stuff, one thing that is tiny enough to bring with me is this necklace :) 

i got it from dogeared when they were donating some of the proceeds to california disaster relief.

they aren’t donating any more (i think it was a time sensitive campaign) but i’m going to link a few places where you can donate. i know people always have opinions or can find research on why some places aren’t as good to give to, but i think you just have to do your own research and then trust your intuition.

direct relief // american red cross // northern california grant makers // huffpost article that links more charities

i just think that even though details aren't made as public on national news outlets doesn't mean that the recoveries and rebuilds aren't still going on. and so anything any of us do can help a lot, it all adds up. and even if you don't donate directly, buying things from places that support humanity and good causes are worthwhile. dogeared is one of those companies that always tries to help out in some way so i felt good supporting it.

so this is definitely not going to be the most popular post in blogging history but i think it’s important to kind of come full-circle and recognize things that aren’t just pretty and marketable. new shoes are cool and all but helping other people is even cooler. just sayin ♥️