good donuts


sweater // jeans // boots

hi from me and morgan :) and the best donuts ever.

we went to the goods in carlsbad and yes it was that good. ha they have a glass wall where you can see them making the donuts - why is it that watching food being prepared for you is always such a fun experience? haha they also have some fancy flavors like s’mores and a girl scout cookie kind that i can't pronounce.. i got the plain glaze cause i’m boring and morgan got the mixed berry. we also both tried the nutella. i have never really had nutella but they were all amaaaazingggg.

 and now looking back i don’t know why we didn’t just buy them out. 

it was a gloomy rainy day while we were out but for some reason morgan and i just seem to have the most fun on rainy days so it worked out.

we walked over to the beach and also found the coolest bookstore ever - we are already dying to go back.

one of my favorite things about morgan is that if i read a book and freak out about it odds are she has already read it. seriously - it is a habit where after i finish a book i usually text her to check. this time we talked about “final girls” by riley sager. what a wild little book. sheesh. if you haven’t read it you need to and if you have then EMAIL ME cause we must talk. 

that is pretty much it. just a solid day. 

thank you for stopping by :)