lucky 13


sweater // jeans // shoes

happy sunday! spending today doing a little shoot for one of my friends - we have been trying to see each other since november but each of us kept having to reschedule! so today is the magical day.

not sure what else to add so here is another little lucky 13 list (just like i did in my first post)..

1. these photos were taken in Carlsbad - on Carlsbad Village Drive in case anyone is wondering or wanting to go :)

2. my little pup ruby was the grumpiest all day yesterday. she is 2 going on teenager i swear. she was so grumpy she was getting on her own nerves - yes that is a thing.

3. however charlie was an angel per usual so i wanna get him a new toy (let’s be honest i will end up getting both of them new toys) - so, croissant or taco?

4. looking at my calendar and i don’t get how march is practically over? this year is flying by. i say that every year but this year is mooooovin.

5. been dying to go to disneyland lately. i know you can get the pineapple whips elsewhere now but there is just something about having one at disneyland. and they are vegan?! loveeee

6. i have been loving ozery morning rounds in apple cinnamon (they aren't super apple-tasting) for breakfast. they are vegan and so amazing. they are for sure something to write home about.

7. side note: i am not vegan but have been trying to eat more vegan meals.. i don’t think i will ever be vegan because i love honey. but i could be a “chea-gan” as in cheat.. this word also reminds me of “cheetah” so it’s a sassy too. it could work. haha

8. if you are on instagram, check out madelyn's instagram stories cause they are so honest and relatable. she is someone everyone should be listening to. also her blog is great - trust me she is the nicest human.

9. also loving bailey’s blog, stuff and guff. she such a great writer - my favorite quote from her most recent post? “it’s just a moment to remember that the world is worth watching.” LOVE.

10. i was telling a few friends about how i wanna foster puppies and they told me it was a bad idea cause i wouldn’t be able to let them go. and that’s bad because..? haha

11. yesterday my mom asked me if i ever stop talking. fair question. the answer is no.

12. i mentioned in a previous post that i always give max new nicknames.. as of late it has been Mew Money and let me just tell you.. he is FEELIN IT and acting so sassy lately hahah.. i want to get him a toy car to ride around in.

13. anyone else watch rupaul’s drag race? i am already behind on season ten BUT i just want to go on record and say thorgy thor officially has the funniest drag race moment of all time. don’t believe me? proof here .. sending this to anyone who tells me something i don’t wanna hear for the next 8 years. hahaha