sunny skies and icy conditions


brixton hat // long sleeve tee // jeans // similar sweater

so here is a boring outfit post :) nothing too special haha.

i will admit it has been nice to actually experience winter weather! the high has been low 60s and windy and a little rainy and i love it. don’t let the sunny-ness of these photos fool you.. it has still been colddddd.

so fun little story. when i was driving down the freeway the other day my car randomly beeped at me and then a warning symbol came on the dash! i had never seen it so naturally i thought the car was about to combust. when i got to my destination i pulled out the manual to look and it ended up being an external temp warning! as in watch for icy conditions! ha i about DIED. never in all my years of driving had that ever happened to me.. true southern california resident. funny.

anyways, i wore this while running errands today. been obsessed with these longer sweaters as of late. i’ve even been into colored versions (like this yellow orange one) so that’s wild. and saw all the girls on instagram wearing this hat so here we are.

also these shoes are some of my favoritesssss. i am either in platform booties or vans / nikes - no in between haha. i am not super tall so i can kind of get away with the 5-6” heels on a regular basis cause then i just look average height.

and they are SO comfy. trust me. and i am usually less clumsy in these than my vans!  naturally 😉

ok currently craving a ginormous pretzel so i’m gonna go sort that out but i hope you guys have a good day 💛

ps two of my fave people just relaunched their blogs today so go go go look!!! :) //