lucky 13: lack of colour


friday the 13th!!!! ahhh i have been dying for the 13th to land on a friday ever since i started adding these lucky 13 lists to my blog. i am not too superstitious but i do love friday the 13th and it’s little traditions. love watching people get spooked and love watching people get tattooed.

so i had to do a lucky 13 list in honor of today!

  1. i think my favorite thing about friday the 13th is learning about who believes in the superstitions and who doesn't - not that there's a right answer or anything, but it's just interesting to me.

  2. these are still photos from new mexico :) one more set after this and i’m done.. promiseeeeee.

  3. my hat is by the brand ‘lack of colour’ and you know the extra “u” in colour makes me feel faaaaancy.

  4. also - they do a great sale with Vogue like twice a year or so and that’s when i buy from their online store. i think i have about 8 of their hats at this point and love them all.

  5. i think my favorite thing about santa fe has been how laid back the city is - it’s vibrant and there is such a variety with the people but it never seems forced or too fancy.

  6. also still not over the pops of blue you see throughout the city.

  7. the hardest thing about traveling is figuring out how different showers work. i’m 100% right about this.

  8. i know i mentioned in a previous post that we weren’t doing too much eating out but the red chili fries at second street brewery are the best EVER. seriously we went back just to order them again. definitely check it out if you ever are in santa fe.

  9. i got to FaceTime my dog charlie via my dad (ruby can’t be bothered) and charlie was so into it! i almost cried. everytime i would ask how my dogs are my dad goes “amazing!” and it’s just like…. do they miss me?! are they so over me?! ahh. miss them soooo much.

  10. we didn’t make it to her house, but i decided that after visiting the museum, georgia o’keeffe is one of the coolest people ever.

  11. also i love all of the art that is literally on every corner.. but i am the least artistic person ever. i am that person that gets angry when i mess up and rips the paper into a million pieces. psychooo ;)

  12. just realizing i haven’t had a cookie since we left for NM.. sad :(

  13. and lastlyyyyyy.. my mom is one of my fave people ever. i look up to her so much.