palace avenue


hi :) just want to take a second to say thank youuuu to everyone who has read my ‘alive’ post - i swear i am never too serious but i appreciate the messages i have gotten about it.

second! hope you are having a good day :) we are still in santa fe and it’s been such a fun week! the weather has been so strange! it will say 63 but feel way warmer - no idea what’s going on but no complaints :)  it has been so nice to hang outside. the museums have been great but i kind of prefer walking around and seeing things as they happen.

these photos are from hanging out downtown - the santa fe plaza and all the surrounding stuff. it is nice that everything is super close together and within walking distance.

the first few photos are from when we stumbled upon this courtyard that you would never expect to see! it is tucked in between a few pueblo buildings. there is a little garden and all of the flowers are just starting to bloom, so it was really pretty.

if you ever come to santa fe, one thing you must see is the vendor walk on palace ave! don’t get stuck just going in and out of the shops - there are tons of vendors lined up on practically one street selling their handmade stuff and it is always nice to support the locals and their craftsmanship. 

another thing that i absolutely love about santa fe is the architecture and color scheme! that sounds kind of fussy but the pueblo style is SO stunning and i love the pops of blue and other bright colors you find around just about every corner :) i am usually anti-color but now i am kind of wanting to paint an accent wall blue. why not. haha

have a good day!