random thursday thoughts


hi :) hope you are having a good day!

today’s blog has absolutely NOTHING to do with the pictures posted.. but they were taken by taylor a few months ago and i felt like i needed to use them at some point. aka today.

a few random things going on as of late..

  • got to see my friend mariah for the first time in forever last weekend. she is a blogger too and you can check out her blog here. my fave posts of her are her ‘friday feelings’ posts so keep an eye out for the new one tomorrow.
  • one of my best friends everrrr is expecting a baby literally any second now. she is technically overdue at this point (by over a week) so we are just waiitinggggg. impatiently. i have never in my life been around anyone under the age of 2 so babies are 100% foreign to me and i am slightly scared but she is going to be the best mom and i can’t wait to see it.
  • just finished this book and it was crazy. seriously crazy. especially since the book takes place in arizona and santa fe and i was just there. i don’t know why but any fiction book i have been reading lately has just been nuts (in a good way). also really recommend all the bright places but you will CRY reading it. and i still don’t really know what to make of a friend of the family.
  • i am like 2 weeks behind on rupaul’s drag race season 10 and i am so annoyed with myself. ugh. haha.
  • the giving keys' pay it forward campaign is currently live and you should check it out :) love how they aim to eliminate homelessness and give people quality jobs.

that is pretty much it! it has been a wild week and i love it. i try not to say “busy” - it was pointed out to me in a lecture a few years ago that nearly everyone says they are busy, and anyone can make themselves busy, so it doesn’t really hold weight. it all kind of comes down to priorities. you can make time for anything that you want to.

anywaysss thank you for stopping by :) hope you have a good rest of your day x

ps i promise next week’s posts will be more interesting.. or at least i think they are ha.