studded sweater


tank // jeans // boots

hiii happy april! :)

let me just say.. i LOVE april fool’s day. it should really be on everybody’s top 5 holiday list. i just love to prank people. like LOVE it love it. not even elaborate pranks but just a little spook or startle every now and then.

i got a few people on snapchat by saying i had adopted a new dog.. super simple but people fell for it ha. i think it’s cause we are actually trying to adopt another pup. i used pictures of a french mastiff named Gus - he is a family friend’s dog and super cute. and also massive. 

and a few weeks ago i lightly tapped (ok i pounded) on the kitchen window and scared my mom SO bad. and then five minutes later i threw a rock at the window - i honestly did not think it would be that effective since i had already scared her, but she was scared and unhappy with me. 

life is really too short to not prank people. that’s my motto. ha

also.. you cannot tell me that “peeps” candy are not the result of candy companies pranking us. and that anyone who likes them is 100% in on the prank. cause who would ever eat that?!!! i mean come on?? jeeeez. 

completely random but i have been trying to pick a new topic to learn a bit more about every other day or so and let me tell you.. i have been fascinateddddd by the united flight 1549 landing on the hudson! i remember when it happened but i never watched the documentaries or explanations of it and i have a whole new respect for the crew and all of the first responders. how crazy!! i am just in awe. i watched the movie (first new movie i’ve seen in foreverrrrrr) and it was good and not cheesy. you should watch it.

:) x

ps: i have worn this outfit a hundred times. i just want everything studded or shredded or messy.