amazon smile


hi guys!

I think one of the things I hear the most from people my age when it comes to giving back is that they don’t have the money or time do it, but they wish they could. and I get it - we all have a lot going on, and we are still learning how to budget things, so not everyone has money to spare.

but still- where there’s a will there’s a way. and one of the common denominators is that a lot of us shop at amazon, no? i have been shopping at amazon for yearsssss and only recently heard about amazon smile.

amazon smile is almost the same thing as amazon (it’s operated by amazon) but they donate 0.5% of eligible products to a charity that you choose! how awesome is that?

i know that 0.5% doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up. and you can set it to whichever charity you choose (the charity registers with amazon so that everything is legit).

i have chosen to support the lone survivor foundation with my purchases, as it is a non-profit i've been a fan of for a while.

so the next time you are on amazon, i really recommending switching to amazon smile :) they don’t raise the prices to offset the charity donation or anything - it is literally the same as amazon (more on that here) but you are helping others while you shop :) which really can't be beat.

i would say the only downside is that my browser history usually directs me to "regular" amazon, so i have had to be mindful of making sure i am at the smile page.. and it is 100% totally worth it.

i hope that you check it out and find a charity to support! every little bit helps ♥️