i couldn't wait.


ahhhh hi you guys!! notice anything differenttttt? :)

so i have only had my website up and running for like 3 or 4 months but within about three weeks, i already knew i wanted to change pretty much everything about it haha. i had to put it off until i could really take a day and sit down and mess with it but it is finally here :) 

i have done everything on my site by myself because it’s a skillset i have been trying to learn (yes i’m stubborn, what of it). so it is never perfect but i would rather struggle through it then pay someone else.

one thing i didn't change this time are the photos of me - these photos have been a part of my site since day one - they were taken by taylor. even though i wanted to change my site, i wasn’t ready to switch them out. you know, if it isn’t broke.. ;)

i hope you like the new site and find it a little less boring than the previous version! not going to lie, my site is always going to be on the boring side because i am kinda boring. i was once told that the proper word for it is ‘minimalistic’ but honestly.. i am just always going to be on the boring side. it’s ok.

if you are new here.. hi :) you can learn more about me here and then pleaseee go here to tell me more about you!! :)

also!! don’t forget take a second to look at the new community feature. i wanted to provide links to some of my favorite bloggers on my site. they are all really nice (yes that was a criterion i kept in mind) and i love what they do.. and i hope you do too :) if you want to be included then send me a message! i would love it.

i thinkkkk that’s it.. thank you for stopping by to check out the new design and i hope you have a good weekend! xx

ps - you can now sign up for little email updates when i post a new blog. i  am still learning this feature so i apologize in advance if it is a hot mess but i appreciate your support with everything ❤️ x