lost in translation



hope you are having a good weekend :) it is wierdly cold for this time of year (like high 60s, no need for snow boots) and overcast so i haven’t done too much this weekend. hence the casual outfit - i have quite a few jumpers from wild fox and they are a go-to gift for others. same with bandanas - you can never have too many.

and what a (semi planned) coincidence.. this jumper is the perfecttttt little introduction for what i actually wanted to mention today!

what i wanted to talk about about being lost in translation- that sounds so overly dramatic but a few days ago i was talking to someone about what i do for work (** not this) and they were surprised at the amount of writing i do since i am “so casual on my blog.” i’ve gotten that a few times so i just wanted to quickly clarify..

1. no offense taken. 2. that’s the goal. i made a conscious decision when i started a blog to be casual and positive. it’s so easy to complain or be negative (even briefly) in conversations that when i started this, i wanted to be positive. i wanted to be honest first and foremost, but there’s a positive way to spin things.

and i deliberately wanted to have a casual tone of writing; i wanted to type like how i talk. i have written over 100 academic papers for college alone - i know how to convey professionalism or formality when i need to; i know punctuation and words that have more than three syllables. i promise my degree has not gone to waste and i have retained most of the skills i’ve learned. i just decided i didn’t need to express them explicitly on my blog.

so, apologies for the lack of capitalization and the “haha” added at the end of my sentences.. maybe one day i will do a 180 and turn this into a box of big words, capital letters, and fancy punctuation ;)

but in the meantime - go get yourself a jumper from wildfox cause i know you know you need one :)

thank you for stopping by! xx