lucky 13: cloudy beach


hi friends :)

happy saturday!

what a week it has been! honestly.. what a month it has been, and it’s only the 12th! May is always a jam packed month between my mom’s birthday, mother’s day, and memorial day weekend so here is a quick little lucky 13 to just summarize everything going on..

  1. ruby was a little sick last weekend so of course everything absolutely came to a screeching halt until she was back to 100%. after that whole ordeal.. i don’t know how people with human kids don’t walk around with anxiety every minute of the day. ya’ll are champs.
  2. it's currently like 64 and cloudy.. aka a lot colder than usual. kind of love it, also kind of freezing. but its better than 90F.
  3. tomorrow is mother’s day! no idea what we are doing still. oops. **yes i have presents ready though.
  4. my cousin corinne graduates college next weekend! she is at her commencement ball right now and i can't wait to see pictures and hear about it. and then another cousin, lauren, graduates high school the week after. so you know.. may or may not have teared up picking out their grad cards at the mall this week :( we are all close in age so roll your eyes when i say: i just want them to stay little (besides i am not ready for natural grey hair). but seriously, i am so proud of them and so excited for them and just cannot wait to see them do big things and follow their hearts and all that stuffff :)
  5. in the air of graduations and mothers and fathers days and all that.. i think my whole family should go on a big fat fam vacation to celebrate. why not?! putting this out in the universe hoping it happens. and of course it will actually be called "big fat fam vacation."
  6. side note! these photos were all taken by taylor in san diego - i haven’t seen her in foreverrrr but will see her next month and i am so excited. 
  7. i’m just about convinced there is nothing prettier than a really cloudy, overcast beach.
  8. for the past week i have just been wanting to go to a restaurant and sit and eat chips and salsa (it is different from the home stuff ok??) but not sure if that is socially acceptable :(
  9. forever and ever and ever obsessed with amy winehouse. i just LOVE her.
  10. same with janis joplin. 
  11. and CHERRRRRR. ugh. speaking of, this week’s drag race episode was centered around cher!! love that kameron won - she is one of my fave queens :) and how did aquaria time her runway look to also match the met theme?! magic.
  12. also - been working towards holding a perfect 5 minute plank.. because if cher can then why can't i? haha i am at about 2.5 minutes and then i start shakin like a leaf.
  13. lastly, on a random note.. i was talking to corinne about journals and morning pages the other day and i realized that this blog is the closest i have ever gotten to a journal or diary or anything like that. even in school whenever we had to keep a journal i would just talk about the weather. just the weather, no matter what the prompt was. haha mind you california has pretty static weather so it was bad.

anyways! thank you for stopping by :) things may or may not be different the next time you are visiting my blog.. hintttt ;)