lucky 13: my college years

gotta love the cheeeeeesy grad photos.. ah you're welcome mom.

gotta love the cheeeeeesy grad photos.. ah you're welcome mom.


so i realized yesterday that today is officially two years since i graduated from school! so crazy - i am too young to be saying that and time definitely does fly. ha anyways i thought i would put together a little lucky 13 talking about some of my favorite parts of school :) and also congrats to everyone graduating this year!!

1. half the reason I went to UCSB was because the person who found the titanic wreckage, Robert Ballard, went there too. the other half is cause I lived on a street that has “santa barbara” in it.. so it was like destiny.




now i would say reasons to go are (1) the people and (2) the classes are really truly good. i didn’t really take a class that i didn’t like in some way.

3. i will say, the hardest class i took was an intro to ethnomethodology class. it ended up being really interesting but i could barely even say or spell the class title.. even after i finished it. my friend maddy and i used to look at each other like deer in headlights in that class.

4. all of the three times I went to the library I needed help finding my way back out :) like a physical escort, not just directions.




halloween was a VERY serious event at ucsb and i think i dressed up for two weeks straight one year. also, senior year i got my friend christian to carve pumpkins with me. the absolute shock of a lifetime came when he made me actually carve my own pumpkin.. with a kid knife. it took FOREVER. and there were about 5 other people just watching me struggle. ha

6. i don’t think it was technically a law but it went without saying that you were not to sit on the curbs in isla vista - still to this day i feel some type of reckless if i sit on a curb anywhere haha



i had the most eclectic group of roommates ever junior year and we didn’t always get along (duh) but now i look back and think they are the funniest people ever. this is my roommate nikki!

8. i rarelyyyyy get sick (like once every 5-6 years) but i got sick towards the end of junior year and lost my voice for a good six weeks- not even exaggerating. it was GONE. 

9. one of my favorite memories is all of the times my friends and i would go on walks as the sun set. we went almost every night towards the end of senior year.

10. another favorite memory is all of the times i would wake up early and head to my friends’ houses and wake them up and we* would make big breakfasts for everybody. (*bigger effort on their parts cause i can’t cook haha)



there was a strong focus on environmental awareness on campus and you couldn’t not catch the bug.. so for two years in a row me and a friend planted flowers for earth day. and they all died within like two weeks.

12. one weekend friends and i did a little road trip to santa cruz, and we took highway one back - i am telling you now, if you have never been to big sur, you MUST GO. no excuses. that place is magic.



basically ucsb was the best ever and you should probably go visit :) and i hope you can have a time in your life that you look back on and just smileeeeee like i do. everyone deserves that.

ps the black and white photo of me above (and another towards the beginning of this post) in this blog were taken by mindy rainey.. love her!