5 things i'm loving right now


hi guys :) today's post is a little list of 5 things i am loving right now! i was originally going to title this 'when money buys happiness,' but we all know that isn't true :) however i will say these products were definitely worth the financial investment and i am a happy camper! so without further adieu, here are..

5 things i'm loving right now


1. le specs “echo” sunnies

available here

these sunnies are a totally from different style from any others i have ever worn but i bought them on a whim and have been loving them! i have kept them in my bag every day since i bought them. they are standard black/ gold color so even though the frames are different they still go with everything. also le specs is just a solid brand to buy from - always high quality and not too expensive (ps you can get 2 day shipping on shopbop).


2. kendra beshk keychain

available here

i have already included my pink one in a different <post>, but i have quite a few of them and i love getting a new one every few months. they are 100% customizable which i love. i usually put little positive statements on them because they bring that good energy to mind every time i look at them. the one pictured is one i got my two cousins when they visited me last summer. also, she has TONS of tassel colors to choose from - i have a little group text just for when i need help picking a new color (the one pictured is teal).


3. puma “basket heart” shoes

available here

these shoes are proof that you just can’t win. meaningggg anytime i wear heels i get told that i am not practical, but i’ve also been told that i’m ridiculous when i wear these 🤷🏻‍♀️ not that i care cause i would rather be ridiculous than boring ha. i love these shoes! they’re comfy and the ribbons are a fun touch, especially for summer (ps they actually stay tied too).


4. books :)

titles top to bottom






yes, i'm serious! ha i am always reading, so books are a staple purchase at really any time. i try to read for about 30 minutes a day (before bed), and i love to mix up business-y nonfiction with stories. and to be really honest, i am big on re-reading books, too.. which is nuts to some people. i have read all of these twice now and i think they’re really good - these are some of my all time faves.


5. lack of color “the stardust” hat

available here

last but not least.. probably the most fun item on this list :) i have quite the collection of lack of colour hats, but this pink one was a totally spontaneous purchase.. like they were having a sale and i didn't want anything to sell out in my cart so i checked out in maybe 2 minutes and added it on a whim. i only own hats in neutrals so i wasn’t really sure what to do with this but i had to have it. it is so fun to wear, especially since its summer! lack of color has truly become my favorite hat brand as of late, i highly recommend checking them out.

so there you have it! although money doesn’t buy happiness, i think little purchases can boost your mood a little bit :) side note - if you are interested in the topic of happiness i would recommend this book by gretchen rubin. she touches on different scientific studies on happiness throughout and you get to follow her along on a really cool year-long journey too :)