new favorite denim jacket


patched jacket // tee // jeans // sunnies // shoes

hiiiii :)

sharing one my favorite new purchases today - this abercrombie jacket! i have not been the biggest abercrombie shopper for a while now, but i was randomly scrolling online the other day thought i would order a few things.

even though it's the main focus, i was super iffy on the whole patchwork aspect of the jacket because it seemed a little.... old. haha can i say that? i'm gonna say that. anyways, the fit was perfect so i'm glad i kept it.

i definitely recommend picking it up asap if you like it because it has been selling quickly! a little fun fact for you is that when i wore it, i kept getting asked where i got it and they were shocked when i said abercrombie! gotta love random online shopping ;) abercrombie does have a few other hidden gems that i picked up, including this topthis sweater, this tank.

lastly ❤️ i wanted to say a quick hello to all of my new readers! i don’t pay too much attention to analytics, but i noticed my numbers have gone up quite a bit in the last monthish (also.. the amount of different countries you guys are in - absolutely blows my mind!! i wanna come visit 😊 haha) so i wanted to say hi to all of you! you can get to know a little more about me here, and please say hi! if you are a blogger, please leave your url down below!! i’d love to get to know you too x

as always thank you for reading! hope you guys have a great rest of your week.