not another band tee


almost identical jacket // tee (sized up to make it a dress) // vans // sunnies

happy tuesday!

hope you are all having a fun day :) i just landed in boston - is it wierd i never want to tell people before i get on a plane because i’m worried about the bad luck? haha

but i am here! this outfit is from yesterday and is one of my go-tos. it is definitely summer weather in san diego but i find that air conditioning can be super strong in some places so i still try to carry a jacket with me. mine is from nordstrom years ago but i linked one here that is almost identical. and everyone needs a pair of check vans. everyone.

also! let’s talk about band tees, cause i know the question is coming.. yes, i am a fan of social distortion and didn't buy the shirt just cause it looked cool ;) ha i have been listening to social distortion since i was a little kid - one thing you may not know about me is that i don’t listen to the happiest or most cheerful pop music.. i love really grungy, punk scream-o music. so if you see me in a band shirt, odds are i actually do listen to the band and am really a fan :)

and in the spirit of being in boston to see my family, i have a little memory to share. it's from about ten years ago when we were staying at a beach house on the cape. i was listening to rage against the machine while i ate breakfast and my older cousin was just not. having. it. i guess just never struck me that not only do some people not like “loud” music but some also don’t like it in the morning? oops.

but i am excited to see them and spend time with them for the next few days! and if you are one of my cousins reading this.. i brought headphones ♥️