a little NYC love: lucky 13


sorry for the upcoming photo overload, but its new york so i hadddd to! such a magical place. 

while i was in boston i was lucky enough to visit my friend amanda in new york for a weekend! i was there for 48 hours and one thing you should know about amanda is that she is a go getter! so we basically did not sit or sleep much while i was there :) but it was SO much fun. and since today is friday the 13th (my fave alwaysss), here is a lucky 13:



this was my first time in the city and i LOVED it. like.. had i packed my stuff in a little suitcase and not a backpack, i would have shopped to stay longer.

2. city mapper is a life-saver. if you are traveling to bigger cities i highly recommend downloading it. made public transportation a breeeeeze.

3. seeing the heavenly bodies exhibit at the met was.. there are just no words. A MAZ ING. love dior. and versace.



we met up with one of my friends from high school, jamey, on saturday. i hadn’t planned on it at alllll since i had no idea what anyone’s plans were, so it was such a nice surprise and so great to spend the time together :)

5. we got morning bagels saturday morning at NYCBCH in Astoria and not only were they bigger than my face, but they were also super yummy, fresh, and cheappp. definitely recommend.



this is amanda’s roommate, dee! isn’t she a doll?! she is irish but knows way more about american pop culture than i did. hence the ridiculous photo of us with starbucks. but we decided she is an honorary cheerleader. she's also the drag race expert. just gotta work on is her childhood fear of marilyn manson ;) hah.

7. you guys! why am i just now mentioning this? ah we saw monét x change at a club saturday night and she is fierceeeee! this also marked the end of my going to clubs career (not that that was anything near thriving). it’s over. el fín.

8. i definitely want to go back and see the chelsea hotel, just for its history. 



another major highlight from the trip was getting to see the 9/11 memorial. it was breathtaking and something everyone should see. i need to go to the museum next visit when i have more time.



all i can say is.. not bad for small town kids ;) so proud of my friends. (tyler glenn, they're coming for ya.. ha)


11. by the end of the weekend, we had spent some time in all of the boroughs except for the bronx. i think i ended up loving manhattan the most, but i didn’t spend enough time in brooklyn to really judge it. it's not a borough, but i would love to spend more time in the financial district next time.

12. if i ever move to the east coast i think i would still choose to live in boston rather than nyc. they are very close for visiting all the time though ;) and lastly..

13. i am officially, unapologetically a california girl and so stoked to be home. (but also.. is september too soon to go back?!)