criss cross top


top // shorts // booties // sunnies

currently trying to write this blog post and i don't even know what to say because i am so dang distracted! my cat max is sitting next to me and he is purring so loud that i can't even hear my phone vibrate. he is kind of a special cat in that he has goes through these phases - he picks one place to lay down and sticks with it for a few months and then rotates to another. he currently has picked a specific corner of the couch and NO ONE will get in his way. if there is even an inch of room, he will force himself onto it and will end up edging you out. mind you, he is a 17 pound house cat so he takes up a good few inches of space ;) so he has just gotten settled into his spot and is purring out of pure happiness.

anyways. this outfit is one of my faves. i love a loose top with shorts and booties way more than dresses (sorry), and it's about as dressy as i'll ever get. this top is from nordstrom and also has flare sleeves - it runs big so get a size smaller than you normally would. i'm wearing an extra small and it's still pretty roomy.

also - i didn't plan on wearing sunglasses with this outfit but i scratched my eyeball so i was trying to protect it from the sun and all that fun stuff. my dad always jokes and calls me bubblewrap and i've never really agreed with it but after this month, i can't even fight it anymore πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ life is too exciting to be cautious i guess.