heavenly bodies at the met


i cannot emphasize enough how big the bagels at NYCBCH are.. shout out to anyone who can finish one in a day.


hi! this post is from a few weeks ago when i was in NYC - bagels for breakfast, met in the afternoon. doesn’t really get any better than that, does it? 

i briefly mentioned going to see the heavenly bodies exhibit here, but i wanted it to have its own post since it was just that good.

i had overhead one woman tell her husband ‘this is my monet” when he was asking what made it so good (it was really crowded so i’m sure he wanted to move on to other galleries) but it made me laugh. and it’s kind of true - i am sure some people equate couture to super bowls, as well. i have never taken an art history class ever so a lot of the little details of the older art pieces are totally lost on me, but i think anyone can appreciate the time and effort that goes into bringing these gowns to life.

heavenly bodies was the theme of this year’s met gala and although i am no expert, it was about the connections between fashion and catholicism. 

fashion and religion.. casual, right? ha. but i think it was one of the better met themes as of late! 

this exhibit is featured until october, so if you are anywhere near nyc.. you must go! my pictures really don’t do it justice.