july outfit roundup


hi! a different kind of post today - i have a couple of outfits to share from the last few weeks but didn’t want to make separate posts for each so.. here we go!

fourth of july



sunnies // shorts

i wore this on the fourth of july. how cute is this sign that was outside of a shop? i will always love how patriotic boston is, especially on the fourth! the top was a random sale find from Zara that i got the day before i left for the trip. currently obsessed with these sunnies, as i've also worn them here, here, and here

woodstock in new york



sunnies // shorts // vans

i wore this in new york on a bagel run (of course). haha linking a few similar tees since mine is vintage: 1, 2, 3. also - i get all of my plaid shirts from different places. this one is 2 sizes too big but i got it anyways since i wanted one that was orange 🙈 i love rails plaids the most because i think their quality holds up best. loving the orange tones in this plaid shirt (and it's on sale, too).

running errands



sunnies // shorts // shoes

i wore this casual outfit running a few errands with my mom.. my top is from topshop but sold out :(  linked my shoes, shorts, and sunnies though! i actually bought these shorts this weekend - does anyone else have the problem of their shorts not lasting more than one summer?! i swear mine all stretch out terribly no matter how i wash them or how nice they are. also, i have worn these sunnies here, too.

thank you for reading! i hope you all have a good rest of your week! :) x