one day in rhode island


shorts // vans // hat // sunnies

* not linking the tee because i honestly don't really recommend it.. it stretched out SO bad as you can see

hiiii happy monday! totally does not feel like a monday for once but anyways..

these photos are from a few days ago when we went down to newport, rhode island for the day! i had never been to rhode island before so i was definitely excited to visit and already can't wait to go back.

we spent the first half of the day down at second beach - the fog kept rolling in and out but it was SUCH a nice beach day.. the lifeguards said the water was 74 which sounds so warm (to me at least) for the atlantic ocean. 

afterwards we had lunch at Brick Alley and we were starvingggg so the food was finished maybe 3 minutes after it was put on the table haha. but it was yummy! definitely recommend it, especially since it is right on Thames street which is where a lot of the shops were.

and can we just talk about how cute all of the shops are?! i love little beach towns no matter what but they just have a little extra charm on the east coast! if you are ever in newport, i would recommend stopping at the Pink Pineapple for cute dresses and bags - not adding any photos here because there may or may not be a surprise for my mom ;) ha

i absolutely cannot wait to go back - on my to do list is the cliff walk (especially the 40 steps) and of courseeee a stop at del's lemonade! :) 

thank you so much for reading xx