pink shorts and a pretty day


ok howwww pretty are my cousins?! these are only two of them - hana and lauren. they are gorgeoussss. (honestly all of my cousins are, but you know what i mean ha)

these photos are from last week and let me tell you, it was SO nice out. there had been a heat wave for the last few days of june, but we got so lucky on this day because there was a breeze and less humidity and it was just so perfect.

hana took me to a really cute boutique called the CUE that i fell in love with. it is in the most random building ever (think of like a business-y building on a side road) but they had the cutest pieces and i picked up a suede jacket (even though its summer, i know..) and a little white tank in order to be more weather appropriate :) 

since i live in california, i don't get to spend too much time with my cousins but we always have so much fun together and get along so well that i try to see them as often as i can. as of the last few years, i have been able to consistently visit which i am super grateful for and hopefully will be back again before the end of the year. my aunt kathy suggested bi-coastal living to me last night and it has me thinkin, not gonna lie ;)

also! i have to add this - we are missing my cousin corinne in these photos because she had to work this day :( sad.

lastly - there is something about summers in boston that always makes me dress a LOT more preppier than normal. maybe its because i don't want to look like the literal black sheep in the family? ha but i had bought these shorts from zara years ago knowing i would only wear them while i was out visiting and i finally had my chance :) the scallop tee is also a little bit girlier than usual but was a random topshop find. it's the kind of shirt you wear to a "fancier" dinner when you really just wanna wear a t-shirt. so basically i should have bought backups.. dang it.