pop of yellow


tee // shorts // vans // hat

hi happy weekend :)

today i'm sharing what i wore yesterday running a few errands.. i ordered these vans while i was back in boston and they arrived before i got home. i was SO excited to get them that i ordered a half size bigger than my usual size since they didn't make them small enough for me! they definitely feel a little big but i just couldn't help myself. i think the yellow is a fun pop of color and since it is a little deeper/ less neon, they will be even more fun to wear in the fall.

i believe the correct word for it is mustard and not going to lie, now i'm craving the apple salad with honey mustard dressing that i had from liberty tavern in boston :( it was SO good. ugh. do you ever crave a food and then get to that point where you are thinking, "was that really as good as i remember it, or is my memory fooling me?" currently contemplating that. cause there's nothing worse than finally having that food and being left disappointed or underwhelmed.

yes, i am that dramatic and that consumed by this salad. 

at least my shoes are fun :) haha