times are changing + a giveaway


hi guys!

happy saturday :) i must say...times are changing indeed :) after spending time in boston and new york, i realized that anytime you travel or spend time outside of your routine, new experiences prove to be really influential and help you grow as a person.

for example, i started cooking! i’ve never really been big on cooking at all (takeout is just...everything) but have been trying to break out the measuring cups every now and then. i am almost a pancake cooking queen.

second, patience. i think traveling brings you to situations that are different from what you might normally face in your routine, which allows you to look at how you react to situations that are out of your control and gives you an opportunity to reset your impulses. things that may have annoyed me in the past don’t affect me much anymore. it’s so much easier to just laugh it off, because why let something minor ruin your day?!

lastly, less screen time! i’m so happy about this one. i have just about broken up with my phone outside of anything essential or necessary -- like using navigation or checking the time.



and in the past few weeks, i have even taken it a step further. i have a watch now, which means no more glancing at my phone every five minutes to check the time!

i’ve always pushed back at the idea of owning a watch because i felt like my phone did it all. but i realized that investing in a watch is worthwhile - it makes such a difference when you are on the go and trying to conserve your phone battery, or need to subtly check the time without completely disengaging in a conversation or looking rude by pulling out your phone.

win, win.. WIN.


i picked out the frankie ebony & gold from the Frankie Collection by JORD Watches, and I must say I love how classic and versatile it is. you can see that i’ve styled mine with booties and an embroidered skirt, but i’m excited to wear it with sweaters and boots this winter :)

what makes this piece so special to me, and why i finally decided to own a watch, is that it is authentically made and high quality. JORD uses reclaimed wood that is 100% natural - no toxic chemicals! each watch comes with a wood box for safekeeping, as well as a cleaning cloth and a finishing oil made to preserve your watch.


i am so happy with my watch that i have partnered with JORD to host a giveaway - one of you will win a $100 gift code towards the purchase of any watch in their collection. even if you don’t win, everyone who enters will receive a 10% off gift code :)

you can enter the giveaway here!

thank you for reading and good luck with the giveaway :) x

thank you to JORD for sponsoring this post and sending me this watch.