10 things you don't know about me


i always love getting to know you guys more through your blogs, messages, and comments, so i thought i would share a few things about myself :)

  1. i love to stretch. loveeee it. i think there should be just stretching classes. does that sound lazy? oh well.

  2. i don’t like boats. just. don’t. like. them.

  3. i want to visit new orleans so bad. i’ve never been but think its such an interesting place.

  4. my parents were really good about letting me do all sorts of sports growing up but the one thing i never got to do was skateboard. something about a bubble wrap shortage? idk. haunts me to this day.

  5. i quit drinking soda earlier this year. and i don’t miss it one bit.

  6. my hair is naturally straight. when i curl it, i refuse to spend more than 5 minutes on it.

  7. i like fall / winter weather way more than summer. (yes i know i live in southern california)

  8. also.. i love the rain. summer rain, winter rain.. any rain.

  9. my answer to that whole “who would you take to dinner if you could take anyone dead or alive” question is.. cher. amy winehouse. robert ballard. a brain or heart surgeon. ken seeley. a medical examiner. and all of the presidents.

  10. lastly, i’m a genuine fan of Monday’s.


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