shark snacks + lucky 13



i got this sweater from wildfox and while i don't wanna be a shark snack.. i do want to swim with sharks one day.

2. currently watching my dog charlie roll around on a carpet square rug that my mom bought him. he is obsessed with carpet.



4. confession: i’m excited to get to make fun of my family’s patriots / tom brady obsession live and in color when i am back in boston in 2 weeks. it’s just.. next level ridiculous. yikes.



anyone have any fun labor day weekend plans? i feel like everyone does something exciting on the longer getaway weekends whereas i just kind of want to.. get away from people and stay home.

6. the thought of this year being over halfway over and being 3 months out from christmas is blowing my mind. and we all know holiday decor will be out in stores by like next tuesday.

7. this nat geo story is sooo incredible i can’t even stand it. and love how they documented the journey and humanized it so it wasn’t just about the surgery. a must-read. but just a heads up, it is a little graphic.



yesterday my mom and i were talking about all of the fun disney world memories from when i was a kid.. my parents would take me the week after thanksgiving and the parks would be empty. nothing could top epcot and magic kingdom and character breakfasts. the best time ever.

9. speaking of.. i was literally this close to buying florida warped tour tickets since this is the last year of it and i missed all the local dates. i backed out last minute because it would have been a little too ridiculous.

10. it ended up working out since i had jury duty the following monday.. i think im the only person that gets stoked for jury duty and then completely bummed when i don’t get picked :( and yes, i know i should probably aim higher and become a lawyer if i want to be in a courtroom that bad.



if you're not adding sunflower seeds to your salads, you're missing out.

12. just finished this book and it was SO good. it’s told backwards but it totally makes sense - i want to read it again in chronological order soon.

13. lastly (and most importantly).. rest in peace John McCain ♥️