a heat wave


tee // skirt (on saleeee!) // sunnies

hi :)

i shot these last weekend when we were in a bit of a heat wave.. i don't know why but september and october always seem so much hotter than june and july. which is sad because mentally i'm getting ready for halloween and non-100 degree weather activities. anybody else? 

side note.. has anyone else started thinking about their halloween costumes or am i just that obnoxious of a planner? ha.

but back to the main point - if you live in southern california, then you know that we still have quite a few weeks of warm weather ahead of us - you should pick up this skirt because it's like 70% off or something wild like that? definitely worth it.

and i formally apologize that my socks are sticking out of my shoes. my socks either slide off or they have to show and nothing makes me grumpier than having to constantly adjust sliding socks. because that's a real problem πŸ™ˆ ha.

i’m currently back in boston for a wedding so fingers crossed the weather cools down at home by the time i fly back!

hope you have a good rest of your week :) x