something pink


so these photos are from last weekend when my cousin emily got married ♥️ aka the whole reason for this boston trip. what a gorgeous night. i can’t even describe it.

but you know how every family is crazy? like when you think of your big extended family, they’re just.. crazy? maybe you’re shaking your head at that, but i think every family has their quirks or dynamics that make things a little nuts. sometimes in a good way - the kind that leads to those ridiculous stories that make you laugh til you cry, even years after the fact. and there are those other times when they make you cry in a not so fun way. true fact- my family is crazy. we. are. just. CRAZY. i remember talking with my friends at school about our families and when i’d finish telling a story, they would just kind of stare and then say “yeah.. that’s actually crazy.” i think it’s safe to say sometimes i get caught up in that, and it’s often the first thing i think of when i think of my family. just goes to show how powerful your mindset is. but on this night, i remember looking around and just seeing so much love around. and thinking how wonderful it was and how i wished it could just always be like that. but of course, if it was, i wouldn’t appreciate how special the good times are. so if there’s anything i think of when i see these photos and remember this night, it’s not the pretty dresses or the shoes. not the up-in-the-clouds location or even the time we spent together. it’s that love is all around.

love is all around.

cherish it. 



decided to do a little play on the “something blue” phrase except i went with pink 🌸👠 my dress is by BCBG.


just trying to drown hana 🙃 ha i don’t drink so she took one for the team

before + after.. you know you’re getting old when 😉 ha