strawberries in september


top // jeans // vans // sunnies // bag // strawberry scarf

happy saturday! 

i got this scarf earlier this summer to wear in boston since it’s so preppy but i ended up not getting around to it. i feel kinda poser-y wearing it (like the people who wear a band shirt and they din’t know the band) because i don’t like strawberries :) whooops. 

so.. if i don't like to eat strawberries, why did i purchase it? because it was cute and at the time, i was on the phone with my friend savannah, who does eat strawberries, and she convinced me to get it. blame her - we are just bad influences on each other when it comes to shopping like that. so thank goodness we don’t live close to each other anymore. but also 🙁 that we don’t live close to each other anymore.

anyways, i think the scarf is meant to be tied around your neck (they make a bigger version to wear more traditionally, too), but it's also the perfect length to tie around a mini bag, like my Rebecca Minkoff one. i've had this for years and can fit more in it than most people assume.

lastly, these sunnies are perfect for those of you who have smaller faces :) they won't slide off and have a little bit of a glittery shift to them. so fun.

also - clothes are not the most important thing in the world, and i want to mention something more significant. 

i'm sure some of you are already aware of this, but a really great person named Claire Wineland passed away a few days ago. she was a motivational speaker and author who also had a YouTube channel. a true influencer - way more so than anyone who shares outfits. she had cystic fibrosis and she used it in the most amazing way to inspire other people to live lives they are proud of, regardless of their health. i highly urge you to listen to one of her speeches or videos because there is so much you can learn from her.

you can watch a documentary about her here or check out her YouTube channel here, and you support her foundation here

because that's what matters ♥️