19 for 2019


happy new year!

if you read my previous post about books to read by new year’s then you know i am a big fan of Gretchen Rubin and the way she views happiness (we are both type A so we love to plan it out haha). she had mentioned in a podcast how rather than do resolutions, she creates lists of things to accomplish by the end of the year, and how she finds that to be easier to obtain as opposed to trying to start 12 new daily habits on January 1st. i thought i would try it out this year :)

- 19 in 2019 -


1. go to the beach at least once a month :) I live close so I definitely need to take advantage of it.

2. take a new course or earn a certification in something.

3. go to the Grand Canyon – we were going to go last month but it ended up being freezing the weekend we picked.

4. see Lady Gaga 💃 she has a residency in Vegas, I have like no excuses.

5. collaborate on a project with a friend.

6. learn how to make the perfect apple pie.


7. see a psychic! it sounds fun. kind of spooky. but mostly fun.

8. pare down my closet so that it’s more minimalistic.

9. eliminate the harmful chemicals in my cleaning supplies, kitchen, and pantry.

10. try a new fitness class.

11. spend a weekend in San Francisco.

12. ride in a hot air balloon.

13. I started this project towards the end of last year, but I really want to finish creating digital back-ups of all of my printed photos and important documents.


14. this is sooo nerdy but i want to learn something about each president (and hopefully be able to list them all off the top of my head) by the end of the year - i’m clearly still inspired by my trip to DC haha

15. learn how to cook like two meals. i can’t cook a thing. except for soup and salad. so it’s time.

16. do something last minute – I know this sounds dumb but I am the biggest planner EVER so I want to challenge myself to just wing it more.

17. go back to Big Sur :) :) :) or Joshua tree.

18. find a new food that i like - i am the pickiest eater ever so i will probably not accomplish this until the last weekend of December.

19. so I was listening to a podcast the other day and the person talking mentioned the phrase “this or better” and it stuck with me. so i’m leaving #19 blank except to say “this or better” because you have to be open to whatever may come your way that you haven’t even thought of ☺️ (*also my family would kill me if i said rescue another pet so i’m playing it safe)

so that’s my list :) do you make resolutions each year? would you ever do a “19 in 2019” list?

either way, happy new year + I hope this is your favorite year yet x