36 hours in LA

36 hours in LA / paige ditullio.com

currently missing LA so bad right now so i thought i would share a few photos from my super short trip up there last november - it was right after getting back from DC so it felt a little like travel whiplash haha.

a lot of my friends live in LA but i wasn’t able to see any of them since i was there for such a short amount of time. however i was able to just kind of got to walk around on my own which is always nice.

one of my favorite finds was this soap store which smells absolutely heavenly when you walk in and the owner is so nice! and their dog is very cute which is always a plus :)

at one point i had a note in my phone of my favorite things to do and places to eat so i will have to go back and find that and share it but in the meantime a few that come to mind are:

EAT at Crossroads Kitchen on Melrose or Tocaya in Venice. also Superba Food + Bread is to dieeee for - still dreaming about their fries.

SHOP anywhere on Abbot Kinney! love it - they have such a variety and things you wouldn’t necessarily find elsewhere. while you’re there, eat at The Butcher’s Daughter.

THINGS TO DO - i will type out and make a bigger post eventually but for now.. people watch. it’s LA, you really can’t find better. or just get outside and enjoy the sunshine and not the traffic ☀️


never a 13th floor..


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proudly one of those people who unapologetically, unironically loves LA 💛

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