DC's hidden gem: the Newseum



sharing another DC post from our trip last October - it was just such a busy, packed week that there ended up being a ton i wanted to share with you.

i mentioned before how much i love the Newseum but i really just can’t say it enough. i don’t know many other people who have gone - people probably ignore it because it isn’t right on the National Mall and costs money, but it is SO worth it. it’s a newer museum so it is a bit more modernized in that there are a lot of more current events included, like 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing, and it’s pretty much jam-packed floor to ceiling with tons of things to learn and see.

the Newseum has one of the biggest pieces of the Berlin Wall, and it’s fascinating to learn how the news and media in general has changed - especially on a political level, since the coverage today is 24/7 and instantaneous.

there is also a map that spans from floor to ceiling that is color-coded (green, yellow, red) showing how free the press is across the world, and it is insane to see how little green there is, and how a lot of countries are still yellow, especially in places you wouldn’t expect.

honestly, the entire museum is SO informative. if you are headed to DC anytime soon, it’s something you absolutely most see.

and yes, i already wore this outfit in a post but i really didn’t stop to take many photos of me on this trip - basically just two days out of the two weeks so i am kind of going to stretch it haha


the Newseum has a Journalists’ Memorial for all journalists, photographers, and reporters who are killed while reporting the news. this was especially moving to see since we were there a few weeks after learning that Jamal Khashoggi was killed in Turkey.


the front of the Newseum has the daily front pages of newspapers across the the states.. of course Boston’s would be the most simplistic 😉 and just a few weeks later they would win the series!

(don’t @ me about the patriots..)


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a little disclaimer: the photo above to the left was taken in the Newseum, but the two above were actually taken at the National Geographic Museum, which is like two miles away.

anyone who knows me knows that i have this borderline irrational, totally unexplainable OBSESSION with the titanic - like i have been obsessed my whole life. so naturally i was so excited to see Titanic stuff in the museums! although part of me was like.. well, it’s the Titanic, of course it needs to be in all the museums. ha.

if you are into the Titanic and really want to learn about it and see tons of artifacts, go to the museum in Vegas (yes, I’m for real). it’s amazingggggg.