J is for Journey


happy new year!

i think new year’s is my favorite holiday not because of the extreme celebrating but because of the fresh start.. even if some people think it’s silly :)

in honor of starting the year on the right foot, i wanted to share two special things i recently bought that have already made a difference to me.

disclaimer #1: i know that straight donations help charities more than purchased material items, as only a portion of those go back to the causes.

disclaimer #2: i personally like to start my year with a donation to a charity, and i do so every year. i think it’s a great way to re-align my perspective after a holiday season filled with gifts, commercials, and over-sensationalized shopping. just my bias!

ok, with that out of the way..

late last month, i went to make my annual donation to St. Jude and decided to look around their online store while i was on the site, and i’m so glad i did.

there are two items in particular i want to share with you because i feel like they are so meaningful.

i saw this book and immediately knew it was special before it even arrived in the mail. it really is the sweetest, most thoughtful book ever. it has children’s drawings and little quotes that match each letter and is such a reminder to put things in the right perspective..

- J is for Journey and M is for Miracle -


and because it’s a new year, i also got one of their planners and i am so excited to use it because while resolutions are great and important, it’s what you do every day that matters. and i think this planner will be more impactful than one that says a generic quote about being busy, ya know?

i’m sure you all know about st. jude and how amazing they are at treating and working towards curing childhood cancer. 

i encourage you to go donate - every dollar counts. i know sometimes it’s hard to donate money, but i know that for me, giving up a weekly coffee is $20 a month and i don’t miss that coffee one bit knowing it’s going to a good cause.


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