day in my shoes no.2

hi! hope you have all had a good week - happy february!! today i am sharing the second post of my little day in the shoes series - you can see the first edition here.

i would love to see what a day in your shoes looks like if you blog or post on IG stories - tag me in it if you do it! and as always thank you for reading :) x



a typical morning - wake up and hang out with my dogs. it really is the least-productive way to start the day but it’s a bad habit we can’t get out of.. i just can’t tell their cute faces no! and since it’s still super cold in the mornings, inside and on the couch they are. hopefully this will end come summer..

i start every morning with a big glass of water, and i have been switching over from plastic cups to glassware, hence why i’m drinking water out of a mug 🙈


10:50 AM

welcome to 2019, where cars are so fancy you schedule “genius” appointments to learn the ins and outs of specialty features. i really couldn’t care less about all of the knick-knacks, but this “free” appointment was really not free so i wasn’t not going to take advantage of the appointment.



are you a morning or night person when it comes to working out? i get up early every morning (literally the same time every day) but still prefer working out later in the day - especially since you can shower and be done with going out or leaving the house after. my friend Ryan had me doing this online YouTube video challenge, but i still prefer to get outside and get some fresh air when i can. there’s nothing better!

daylight savings time can switch back anytime now..

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8:40 PM

after my workout, i went straight to the computer and got deep into work, which isn’t really worth documenting. a perk of working from home is that my flexible is somewhat schedule, which i love. it isn’t atypical for me to work in the mornings, run errands in the afternoon, and then get back to work from 5 to 9 or so.

from there, it’s just a lot of last minute cleaning up, putting things back, trying on tomorrow’s outfit and getting my bag ready for the next day. because as a teacher once told me, “tomorrow starts today!” haven’t been able to get it out of my head since haha.

shoe brands clockwise starting at the ones i am wearing: Kristin Cavallari fringe booties, March Fisher sneakers, Dolce Vita suede booties, Dolce Vita boots, Nike cheer shoes

what does a day in your shoes look like?