february favorites


it’s been a while since i’ve done a favorites post and with the month of February already over (so soon?!), i thought i would round up what i have loved and used the most this month.

what products are you loving? x

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1. abercrombie bow sweater

if you’ve read my other posts this month, this favorite probably comes as no surprise since i wore it here and here. it’s super cozy but not too thick - abercrombie sweaters are a hidden gem and i ordered quite a few this past fall and winter.

this specific sweater has since sold out but this one is super similar.

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2. Aerin lip mask

ahh so fancy. my friend Amanda gave me this lip mask for Christmas and i have been obsessed with it ever since. it has a slight rose scent that is similar to the discontinued Dior balm but way less overpowering, and it wears so pretty throughout the day. i have never been that person who is like, “i keep getting compliments on this!” but that changed with this lip mask.. and those that i have convinced to purchase it are just as happy with it :) it will look great on all skin tones and is totally worth the money - you will not regret it!


3. Miss. Dior perfume

such a yummy perfume 🌸 it feels a little odd sharing fragrance suggestions since you can’t smell it through the computer and perfumes really are so personal to each person. i love how light and fresh this one is - i don’t think there’s anything worse than a really powdery, stuffy, intense floral perfume. but you will have to decide for yourself :) so i won’t talk too much about this..


4. pink hair

obviously had to include the pink hair ;) this is one of the more popular things i’ve done that has been featured on my blog and it is so simple that i think anyone who is even slightly curious about it should give it a try :) and if you don’t like it, at least it will rinse out by monday..

i did a full post that reviewed and explained how to use the product so be sure to click the button below if you want to learn more:

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5. mom’s beanie

let’s be honest, this was the favorite of the month. my mom is a knitter and made this beanie for me and i’ve been wearing it constantly (luckily the weather has been cooperating ❄️). black yarn is a little trickier to knit because it’s harder to see the detail so this piece is extra special to me 🖤 thank you mom x

what were your favorites this month?

ps. thank you for reading :) x

5 things I can’t live without

hi guys :) today's post is a little list of 5 things i am loving right now! i was originally going to title this 'when money buys happiness,' but we all know that isn't true :) however i will say these products were definitely worth the financial investment and i am a happy camper! so without further adieu, here are 5 things i’m loving right now