pink hair and a camo jacket


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camo jacket

white tee (if you want a looser fit, size up)

smaller version of my bag



beanie - wait for next week’s post :) x


happy friday :)

these photos are from the other weekend when i still had pink hair.. definitely power-washed that out in a day and a half ha. i love rainbow hair on myself for the first day and then i’m completely over it. but i always love it on others and that’s probably why i keep coming back to it every few months. 🤷🏻‍♀️

my friend ryan (keep scrolling to meet her) is coming to stay for the weekend so who knows what we will do. hopefully head to the beach since it’s supposed to be sunny! san diego has had quite the winter..


meet my friend ryan..


i do share photos of friends and family on my blog every now and then but i really don’t post those photos on instagram.. not a super interesting reason behind that other than sometimes they pick up a few followers that they aren’t really looking to gain.

but for the record.. yes i do have friends.


very serious per usual.