a few life lessons as of late


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hi :)

so i never really thought i would ever ever everrrr post a blog like this. partially because i don’t really take myself that seriously (especially on a public platform), and also because i initially just wanted to keep it light and breezy here.

but with the success of my truth talks series i’ve realized you guys do enjoy more purposeful posts. this is what’s been on my mind lately and i thought someone (somewhere?) might benefit from it too. and because there’s only so much you can say about an outfit (right?).

less is more.

too much of anything isn’t a good thing. too much time spent with one person can lead to short tempers; drinking too much water can actually kill you. in so many ways, i’ve recently learned that less is more. less belongings creates such a gratifying sense of freedom. less time spent making decisions means less time spent overanalyzing every potential outcome, and more time savoring the opportunities that come out of it. less cookies can actually make you happier, and actually lead to more energy (who knew?). all in all, less is more. while i have a feeling i will get a few texts from friends detailing exemptions to this rule, and they may very well all be right, i’m choosing to re-wire my brain to fully believe that less is more.. if for no other reason than i savor what i have more.

go higher.

this sounds like the rejected title of a life coaching course, but i don’t know how else to put it. all i can say is.. choose to go higher. create a little bubble and don’t let negativity in. consume information consciously - i’ve never been that affected by social media, but making the decision to turn off the crime shows and turn towards lighter, happier, and more thoughtful programming has added energy to my days that i didn’t expect and it really is incredibly amazing. 

life ebbs and flows, so roll with it.

sometimes you’ll be energetic and inspired, and then you’ll go through times when you aren’t. i love structure and timelines more than almost anyone i know, but sometimes you have to throw it all away and just go with it. this is still a work in progress for me, but it’s become very important to let things happen and be at peace with it rather than getting frustrated when things aren’t clicking.

habits are hard.

breaking habits, forming new ones.. it all takes conscious work and effort. unless you’re lucky enough to have a lightning strike moment (like the one day i decided to quit a multi-year daily soda streak and have yet to look back), habits are hard to create and be consistent with. but they’re so worth it. 

perspective is everything: the “white car effect”

my mom and i have been talking about something called “the white car effect” a lot recently. it’s probably not the textbook title, but basically it means is that if you find yourself thinking about white cars.. all of a sudden you’ll see white cars everywhere. some may chalk it up to coincidence, but i believe it illustrates the power of your mind and the power of your thoughts. choosing to think more positively is difficult (see above), but it’s everything. about two weeks ago, i got really good news and while i did not start jumping up and down in the middle of the coffee shop, i did find myself saying, “i am happy as a clam,” for the rest of the day.. and then good things continued to happen. seventeen days later and i am still happy as a clam, and good things continue to happen. and i believe that as long as i see it that way, the momentum will only continue to grow*

*note: obviously not great things are going to happen, too, but choosing to see the good in bad situations is nice 💛

gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

gratitude is the new attitude. say thank you. you can find a million different research points explaining why and how this can change your life, but you won’t really know until you try. it takes maybe 5 seconds to think of a few things you’re grateful for before you go to bed, 5 minutes if you want to be really thoughtful about it.



today is day 70/365, and while a lot of resolutions are out of sight, out of mind by now, i’ve been writing down the “best of” or a highlight each day and it’s a nice way to think of how each day is significant in it’s own, sometimes insignificant way.


today’s best of:

smelling all of the orange blossoms in the yard 🍊and just plain and simple.. feeling happy.

thank you for reading :) have a good week! x