a quick time-out


just a quick time-out from the usual content i post to tell you a few little secrets (that aren’t really secret and things i hope you already know..)

i hope you know that these posts and these pictures are (mostly) thought out and not “real life.” i’m currently writing this in leggings and a hoodie so oversized it might as well be a california king duvet.

and i hope you know that most blogs / instagram / basically all social media accounts are.

i hope you know that if i’m going to be saying anything mildly serious on here, i think a LOT before i post it. and re-read it. at least twice. because i never want to say things in a way that cane be misconstrued. and i NEVER want to accidentally offend anyone. i learned in school, particularly section where we had a lot of open class discussions, how delicate things can be and how there’s so much more going on than you realize - socioeconomic factors, cultural factors, individual upbringings, mental health.. your problem might be a privilege to someone else. and words have weight that isn’t a “one size fits all” kind of weight. so i think a lot and as such.. you’re getting a polished thought, not an “off the top of my head” sort of thing.

and i hope you know that polished or not, open conversations with people, even if they make you uncomfortable) are so important, and quite possibly the “spice of life.”

i hope you know that my blog doesn’t show the bumps in the road or the complete face-plants that happen on a pretty regular, if not daily basis. metaphorically and literally (clumsy for LIFE). it’s not because i’m trying to hide them; it’s just that just because i share my life, doesn’t mean my friends / family / cat have agreed to the same thing. which is ok and something i’ll always respect and protect.

and i hope you know that those curveballs of life make things even more worthwhile. so just because they aren’t on display doesn’t mean they aren’t meaningful, appreciated, or you know.. a lot to handle at times.

i hope you know that blogs are fun and they’re a little challenging and a whole lot of other things too.

and i hope you know real life is even better :)

see you in (on?) the next post x